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Products - Food Trays and Punnets
The Super Meat Tray offers extraordinary performance.

Meat Trays designed to provide your product with maximum protection, best shelf life and enhance the visual aspects of your product while still being economical.  

Excellent quality, ideal for Supermarkets and other large meat or poultry packers.

Meat trays are also available pre-padded with Super Soaker Pads.

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 Colours Available:
Clear punnets are the ideal option when packaging fresh fruit and vegetables.

Clear punnets are very lightweight and offer excellent visual clarity of the product. 

These punnets are available with or without lids, clamshell punnets are also available.  Nest closely when used with outer cartons, providing good protection for the product.  Can be supplied with vents if required.

Ideal for fruit and vegetables from 125g to 2kg packs.

Fruit trays and clamshells are also available pre-padded with Super Soaker Pads.
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